Creating space

A purple colour block

When I was first putting together my page and branding, I asked a friend who works in marketing to look over my designs for some feedback. On a mock up I’d created of an Instagram feed, I had this exact plain purple colour block and said that I’d use it to add quotes and text – but their response was really interesting.

They said they liked the colour block just as it was, without anything added, and that it ‘created space’. It was interesting, because the phrase ‘creating space’ is used so often in yoga. You create space in your body as you breathe in and out of poses, you create a space on your mat for your practice (hopefully free of judgement and hurtful thoughts) and you create space mentally, the time on your mat is for you to breathe, to lessen the disturbances of the mind.

So I’ll leave this purple colour block here, empty, creating space on your feed.


Try and ‘create space’ today, whether it is physically, emotionally or mentally. Perhaps you can sit that little bit taller at your desk, or sit quietly and focus on your breathe.

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