More than just a photo

A photo of Sarah in a relaxed seated position on her yoga mat in the Hintze Hall in the Natural History Museum. Sarah is smiling at the camera.

I mentioned in a previous post about attending a workshop at the Natural History Museum. It was an incredible space to practice in, if you’re in the UK I’d definitely recommend it. At the end of the session, a lot of people were taking photos on the steps of the main hall, most holding advanced yoga poses such as headstands and arm balances. For me, I was happy with this photo.

A few years ago, this photo would have been deleted without showing anyone – I’m not holding in my stomach, I’m not posing to make my upper arms look smaller, and the pose in general is perhaps not the most flattering- but look at the smile on my face! This photo is a snapshot in time, showing me, as I was, in that moment. I was happy, content, relaxed, and feeling very comfortable in my body. What more could I want from a photo?!

Next time you’re taking photos of yourself, think about ways you might be manipulating the image (filters, poses, etc…) and more importantly why. Does it add to your memory of the moment? Does someone else benefit (or profit) from you portraying yourself in a certain way?

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