It’s been so busy!!

Watercolour images of garden and household tools, plants and kitchen storage

So, you might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet here lately, but that’s because I’ve just been so busy!

In the last month or so, I’ve moved to a new house which has taken up so much time – all the paperwork, the building work that needs doing, decorating, and work in the garden (yes – we have a garden!!)

I’m not complaining, I’ve been wanting a place to nest for so long, and having a two-bedroom house with a garden is such a huge step up from the flat we were renting, I absolutely love it. Even though it is still part building site / part life-size game of Tetris/Jenga – it already feels like home.

Check out the gallery below for some of the work we’ve been doing:

A yoga space

One of the things I’m most excited about, is that I’m going to have a space dedicated to yoga!

Now, you don’t need a dedicated space to practice yoga – as long as you have space to roll out your mat or place your chair, that’s all you need. But I always promised myself that as soon as I had a house with space, I’d make a special place to practice.

So far, the room is in…. well, transition! There’s still some building work that needs doing, and it is currently being used for a bit of storage, but the gorgeous grey laminate floor has been put down and my partner recently put my yoga books and shelves into place above the fire.

I’m excited to start sharing photos of the space with you soon so you can see how it develops!

Yoga Teacher Training

Even though I’ve not been posting much on social media, I’ve still been throwing myself into my teacher training. It would take a whole other blog post to fully describe just how incredible the experience is. The group of people I’m learning with are so fantastic, we’re all learning from each other and they are genuinely all so kind and lovely. I’m only a quarter of the way through and I just don’t want this to end.

Check out some of the highlights below:

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What a rollercoaster of a day! ~ Yesterday we handed in the keys to our flat and our new house resembles a building site / Tetris game / storage unit. Last night was spent trying to relax as much as possible, along with finding suitable yoga clothes, one of my many yoga mats and all my Teacher Training materials. ~ This morning I arrived in Oxford ready for my teacher training, and with everything I needed! We always start the day with an hours practice. We were standing at the top of our mats, checking in with our bodies, our emotions, and our energy, the next thing I knew, I burst into tears. I spent most of the hour crying, just sat there on my mat. I wanted to run away, to hide somewhere, but I stayed, and more importantly, I just let myself cry. ~ I’ve got no idea what it was, it could be the stress of moving coming to an end, it could be the pain I’m in because of a shoulder injury, it could be exhaustion, it could be that close friends of mine are feeling this way and I’m channeling it (I have friends this happens with!). I suppose it doesn’t matter what it was. I just needed to cry, and in that space in the studio, on my mat, I felt safe enough to do so. ~ Everyone was amazing of course, lending me essential oils and tissues, hugs and kind words. ~ I guess the reason I’m posting this, is to let you know that it’s ok. If you turn up to a yoga class, or practice at home, and emotions come out, it’s ok. Sometimes I find myself in hysterical laughter, today I cried. And that’s ok. The whole point of yoga is to do what you need to do in that moment. ~ The rest of the day, was then amazing! Great modules, fantastic teachers! My fellow trainees took me to an open air market where I had Ethiopian food for the first time in 10 years (when I was in Ethiopia) – it makes me homesick, I miss Africa. ~ So yes, a real rollercoaster of a day! Now for the drive home, then dinner and a movie with Joe to celebrate our new house 😊 ~ Image description: the view from the window of our studio. A university/college building with a tree in the foreground – lit beautifully in the sun. ~ #YogaTeacherTraining #Yoga #YogaPractice

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Thank you for reading and for sticking with me – it really is great to share this journey with you. I’ll be starting my regular content again from next so follow the blog or various social media pages to stay up to date.

Please let me know what you would like to hear more about in the comments below!

Sarah xx

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