My Patreon page is now live!

The coral Patreon logo

I’m so excited to announce that my Patreon page is now live!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. As a patron, you can subscribe to me, a creator, to get exclusive Patreon only content – in my case, that’s online yoga classes, guided meditations and other content. Check out this video to learn more:

How much does it cost?

I’m really keen for my yoga classes to be financially accessible – I don’t think money should be a barrier when it comes to accessing yoga. With this in mind, I’ve set up my Patreon with a ‘Pay what you can’ subscription model. This means that I’m giving you the option to pay what you’re able to, and what you feel is appropriate for the content I’m releasing.

The standard tier is £25 (or more) a month, but I also have an ‘Access for all’ tier which means you can subscribe from £5 a month.

There is a minimum payment of £5 per month (+VAT) which will give you access to all of the content. This is called the Access for all tier.

This tier is designed for those who do not have the financial means to attend yoga classes or purchase expensive yoga subscriptions. By offering subscriptions for £5 a month, I hope this enables more people to access the classes and experience the benefits yoga has to offer.

Patreon does give you the option to choose any amount over £5 so if you would like to pay more, you are able to.

As this is a ‘Pay what you can’ subscription, I ask that if you can afford to, please consider purchasing the standard tier which is £25 (or more) a month. You will have access to the same content as other tiers, but by paying more, you enable me to keep creating and releasing content that is accessible for all.

How often will I get new content?

My aim is to release the following content:

Mat-based Vinyasa Class3 videos per month
Bed Yoga Practice 1 video per month
Seated Practice / Chair Yoga1 video per month
Full Restorative Yoga Practice2 videos per month
Vinyasa & Restorative Fusion1 video per month
Posture Spotlight1 video per month
Guided MeditationsRegular short meditations
Discussion about Yoga PhilosophyRegular short videos
Please note that this is my aim as of September 2020, but it is subject to change.

How do I access your Patreon page?

Here is the link to my Patreon page – all of the details you need to subscribe / pledge will be on this page:

Can I cancel or change my subscription / pledge at a later date?

Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time!

Life happens, I completely understand that – there is no pressure to remain with a higher subscription if this is no longer working for you financially.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m so excited to be able to launch this platform and share yoga with even more people. Please do share my Patreon link with anyone you think might be interested and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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