Seated Practice Full Sequence: Warrior 2

Sarah is sat in a chair holding an Extended Side Angle posture.

I’ve just added a 30-minute seated practice which can all be done from a chair to my Patreon page.

Accessibility note: This practice does involve sitting sideways on the chair.

Firstly, yes, you can practice yoga in a chair! Essentially a chair class with me will be similar to a Vinyasa class except the postures will all be done in a chair. The focus will be on combining breath and movement. We’ll start with some warm ups, move into a bit of a flow and then end in a rest posture.

If you’ve never tried chair yoga before, here is a great article from Yoga Alliance offering 10 reasons to do chair yoga:

10 reasons to do chair yoga

Let me know how you get on in the comments!

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