Vinyasa & Restorative Fusion practice

Sarah holds a supported bridge posture. She is lying on her back, her feet on the floor, knees pointing up to the ceiling. A bolster is underneath her lower back, lifting her hips from the floor.

I’ve just added a Vinyasa & Restorative Fusion practice to my Patreon page. The first part of this practice is a mat-based vinyasa flow and the second half includes restorative postures.

I first taught a fusion class when I had one participant in a class, they usually attended a restorative class, but one week attended a mat-based class and enjoyed that too – they said they couldn’t decide which they wanted more. As they were the only person in the class that day I suggested we did half and half! It was so much fun to teach, so I really wanted to include these videos on my Patreon page.

The sequence features Goddess pose, but today I actually want to talk more about one of the restorative postures – which is a Supported Bridge. I’ve been practicing this every day this week, sometimes with a bolster and others with a block – I’ve really needed it for my lower back!

In ‘Restorative Yoga for Life’, Gail Boorsteen states:

This pose is great for when you’ve been sitting all day. It counters all the tension that accumulates in the lower back. It’s a nice release, especially if you suffer from sacroiliac join dysfunction. or just have a lot of lower back tension in general.

‘Restorative Yoga for Life’ – Gail Boorsteen

Have you ever tried a Supported Bridge posture? Let me know in the comments!

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