Chair Yoga is for Everyone!

Chair yoga is for everyone!

One of the things I’ve really loved about teaching chair yoga in a studio space (the wonderful Bloom Studio & Well-being in Cheltenham) is that I’m able to introduce people to chair yoga who have never tried it before.

It’s been interesting to listen to people who have a strong mat-based asana practice try chair yoga for the first time – perhaps enjoying the space to explore postures because they have more support, being able to tune into areas of their body which feel discomfort or stiffness, or being able to use the practice to connect with their mind and breath to help them relax.

A lot of people still haven’t heard of chair yoga, and those that have often think it might be purely for people who *need* to practice in a chair. Honestly, my experience has shown that anyone could benefit from it!

Whether you’re an office worker who wants to learn about movements you can include in your day, someone recovering from injury, someone who’s pregnant, someone who isn’t able to move from the floor to a standing position easily, a wheelchair user or someone who wants to explore a slower practice than their usual mat-based class – chair yoga might be for you!

As of next week, the time of my class at Bloom Cheltenham is changing. It will be on Thursdays at 12.45pm for 45 minutes – so perfect for a lunch break session! You can join in-person in the studio or online via zoom. All of the booking details can be found on the Bloom Studio website (link below!)

Let me know in the comments about your experiences of chair yoga – or if you’ve not tried it before, what might have stopped you!

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