What’s available on my Patreon?

If you’re looking for some online options for accessible yoga and meditation during this next lockdown, my Patreon has a selection of practices on offer!

Here are the pre-recorded practices you’ll get instant access to if you join my Patreon this month:

🎉 5x Mat-based Vinyasa Classes

🎉 3x Restorative practices

🎉 2x Bed Yoga practices

🎉 2x Chair Yoga practices

🎉 2x Vinyasa & Restorative Fusion practices

🎉 2x Meditation / Visualisation practices

🎉 9x Coffee & Musings Vlogs

You’ll then also have access to all of the new November content as it’s released!!

There are two tier options which enable you to access the content:

🌳 £25 a month is the standard tier which will give you access to all content.

🌱 If you’re currently experiencing financial difficulties then I also have an ‘Access for All’ tier. This tier starts at £5 a month so you can ‘Pay What You Can’ for monthly access. You’ll still have access to all of the content.

For those who do not need access to accessible yoga or meditation practices at this time, but are interested in supporting a self employed yoga teacher, I have the ‘Support Me’ tier which starts from £2 a month. This money will all go towards paying my priority bills such as mortgage and utilities – every little bit really does help and any amount is appreciated xx


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