More than just a photo

A photo of Sarah in a relaxed seated position on her yoga mat in the Hintze Hall in the Natural History Museum. Sarah is smiling at the camera.

I mentioned in a previous post about attending a workshop at the Natural History Museum. It was an incredible space to practice in, if you're in the UK I'd definitely recommend it. At the end of the session, a lot of people were taking photos on the steps of the main hall, most holding advanced … Continue reading More than just a photo

My first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training!

Watercolour images of pens and paper, with the text 'My first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training'

On the way to my teacher training I was full of nerves and anxiety - don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly excited. But it was those Imposter Syndrome thoughts creeping in. ‘Who am I to think that I can teach yoga?’ ‘I can’t do many of the advanced poses, how am I supposed to … Continue reading My first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training!

Vinyasa flow & Accessible yoga

A blue watercolour stripe, the logo of Accessible Yoga with Sarah, with the words Accessible Yoga with Sarah over the top.

My training will be in a contemporary vinyasa flow style, but with secondary focuses on yin, restorative, beginner and accessible yoga. Accessible yoga is what I'm really passionate about, teaching yoga that really is for every body. What are your experiences with accessible yoga?