I love working with people to create bespoke yoga sessions – whether this is on a 1-to-1 or small group basis, for a company away-day or convention, or in a private setting such as a care home. Below I’ve shared some case studies and testimonials (anonymised or using initials) from people/companies that I’ve worked with. If these sound like something that would be helpful for you, please contact me using my ‘Say hello!‘ page and let me know what you’re looking for.

1-to-1 Client Testimonial – Pregnancy Yoga

I worked with DW during the late stages of her pregnancy, tailoring the sessions to meet her needs. The benefit of a private pregnancy yoga class is that I was able to offer things I wouldn’t necessarily offer in a public class, which needs to be accessible for everyone in the space. We were able to meet in a local studio so that she could have time away from home, but I was also able to travel to her for some days which made it much more convenient.

“Sarah is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her voice is extremely calming and her disposition is sunny and encouraging. I’m so pleased we have started sessions together in the late stages of my pregnancy to help me strengthen and mobilise before my second baby arrives. I leave every session feeling fresh and rejuvenated.”


1-to-1 Client Testimonial – Accessible Yoga

I’ve been working with CA now since June 2021 and I love practicing together. We meet for an hour each week and spend some time connecting with our breath, working through some mobility work in a wheelchair, moving to the floor for more breathwork and postures, then we end with a guided meditation, visualisation or yoga nidra. Working 1-to-1 this way means we can adapt each session so that CA can have the type of practice she wants on that day – sometimes there’s more movement, other times more focus on breath and meditation, all depending on how CA is feeling.

Thank you Sarah, I love doing yoga with you. It helps me relax my body.


Sarah uses her skills as an accessible yoga teacher to give significant benefit to my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Sarah is well prepared for their one on one practices (including meditation), showing patience and calm. My daughter very much enjoys her sessions with Sarah.


Private Care Home Testimonial – Group Chair Yoga

I’ve been working with this care home since January 2020 (with extended breaks for lockdowns) and I love our group chair yoga sessions together. Our sessions range from 30-45 minutes and we spend time connecting with our breath, working through joint mobility, seated Sun Salutations, seated postures and then a final meditation at the end.

“Sarah is extremely professional, adaptable and welcoming to all who attend her chair based yoga sessions in our care home. Both residents and colleagues find immense comfort, benefit and calm in her sessions. Her approach to individuals is exceptional. She is person centred, has a unique understanding of each individual need and requirement and adapts as such. She has a wonderful aura and energy and really benefits all who attend. Residents in our care home attend purely because they know it is Sarah.”

Testimonial from a local care home

Private Conference Testimonial – Chair Yoga via Zoom

I worked with the NUS (National Union of Students) during some of their zoom conferences in 2021 – offering chair yoga as a movement break after lunch or between sessions. Chair Yoga is a great way to add some movement into a day which can be quite static – such as a conference or away-day. Everything I offer is optional and people could choose to have their cameras off or on depending on what they felt comfortable with.

“We booked Sarah for one of our conferences to help ease delegates into the day. Sarah was really great to communicate with and professional throughout the process, and delegates loved the calming and welcoming vibe they created in our online space. We’d definitely book them again.”

NUS (National Union of Students)

Private Group Class – Mat-based Yoga

As part of their Wellbeing Month, a local company arranged for me to come and teach a group yoga class for their staff members. I offered a mat-based yoga class with an extended meditation at the end.

“Amazing yoga for all levels! Sarah ran some yoga sessions where I work and I absolutely loved it. It was a class that targeted parts of our bodies that suffer because we work at a desk all day. The whole group felt relaxed and ready for our afternoons once we had taken part in our yoga session with Sarah. 100% would recommend, I’ll be booking places in Sarah’s other classes, and I hope she comes back to do some more sessions at work!!!”

TR (from a local business)