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Yoga Teachers

Charlotte sits in a wide-legged forward fold posture, glancing sideways out of the frame.

Holistics by Charlotte:

Charlotte has been my yoga teacher for nearly 3 years now. As well as teaching me the majority of my Asana knowledge, she has also taught me that it’s OK to laugh during a class, in fact, it’s better if you do! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

Dana is in a Pigeon pose, supported by yoga blocks and a chair, gaze upwards and with a calm expression.

Dana Falsetti (Practice with Dana):

I’ve been following Dana online for a few years now and I’ve been lucky to go to her UK workshops. Her lessons on the Yamas along with Yoga and Social Justice have changed my personal practice and inspired me to include these important lessons in my own teachings.

Jessamyn is outside on the road, in a standing / forward folding / twisted posture, smiling in the direction of the camera.

Jessamyn Stanley

I’ve followed Jessamyn’s instagram account for a while now and absolutely love the amazing book: Every Body Yoga. I cannot recommend the book enough as an introduction to yoga – the philosophy and options to make yoga work for you.

Amber is sat on a chair, with one leg extended and raised, the other on a yoga block. Both arms are extended in front.

Amber Karnes

It was through discovering Amber’s Instagram account that I first came across Accessible Yoga (who I’ll be training with in London, November 2019). I had never heard of chair yoga before or the many many options available. I can’t wait to learn more.

Dianne is sat in a Cow face pose and smiling at the camera.

Dianne Bondy

Dianne’s is another Instagram account I’ve been following for a few years now, promoting Yoga for All and inclusivity in yoga spaces. I also cannot wait for the book to be released in the UK: Yoga for Everyone

A greyscale image of Donna, in Boat pose whilst balancing on a yoga wheel.

Donna Noble

Founder of Curvesome Yoga and a UK based yoga teacher, blogger, public speaker and many other things! I was lucky to meet Donna at one of Dana Falsetti’s workshops in London, I was very awkwardly saying how I recognised her from Instagram!

Yoga Studios

An artists impression of a regency building in Cheltenham where the hive is located, with a vibrant yellow background

The Hive Cheltenham

I’ve always had my yoga classes directly with Charlotte, but she now also teaches classes at The Hive. I work about 30 seconds away and I’ve been really enjoying the Yin yoga classes with Sam. A great place to go for yoga, a massage or a coffee!

The Yoga Quota logo

Yoga Quota

I’ve decided to complete my YTT with Yoga Quota. I love that they have a focus on accessible yoga, that they offer charity classes and that they have a YTT scholarship programme for individuals who identify as Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic/People of Colour and/or LGBTIQA+


Split image. The top image is a group of individuals all wearing active wear in front of coloured doors - the group is diverse. The bottom image shows a woman lying on her back, using a band to raise her right leg into the air.

The majority of photographs used on my website and social media are from the following photographers:

Sarah Pflug | Matthew Henry

It took me such a long time to find images of yoga which showed diverse yoga classes and practice. I’m so grateful to these photographers for sharing real images of people practicing yoga, regardless of size, fitness and race. Thank you.

Free for commercial use photography sites:

Burst (Shopify) – this is where I found Sarah and Matthew’s images.




Images & Icons

Icons used throughout the site and on social media are from specifically by users Eucalyp and Freepik

All other images, excluding photographs, are from Specifically by the following users:

  • freepik
  • BiZkettE1
  • natalka_dmitrova
  • Sketchepedia
  • irikul
  • macrovector
  • saravami
  • lembrik
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