Yoga Quota

Registered charity working to spread the benefits of yoga to everyone. Studio in Oxford, UK. Teacher training and UK wide charity work.

Accessible Yoga

International non profit dedicated to sharing yoga with all people regardless of ability, race, age, background, size, gender or sexual orientation.


Socially conscious yoga for refugees and asylum-seekers. Follow them on Instagram here.

Spectrum Yoga

A specialized therapeutic yoga program empowering people with autism and diverse needs. This isn’t your typical yoga!

Sign Yoga

Making yoga accessible for the deaf community through online classes, local classes, events, retreats and masterclasses.

Yoga Buzz

Non-profit organization committed to sharing yoga as a tool for increasing well-being and resiliency. By supporting programs that are trauma-informed and accessible, they strive to meet the unique needs of diverse populations.

Liforme (Yoga mats)

This is not sponsored or an ad, Liforme is my yoga mat of choice. I love the grip and the slightly wider width as it feels better for my body. Their mats are also planet friendly!

Yoga Matters

Online yoga retailer. This is not sponsored or an ad, I’m listing them here because I believe that diversity is important for them and this is shown in their social media and marketing.

Text: Which yoga mat should I choose? A graphic of a yoga mat surrounded by water colour question marks

A comprehensive guide to Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Yoga Mats by Consumers Advocates – introduced on my blog here.

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