Yoga Teachers

Charlotte sits in a wide-legged forward fold posture, glancing sideways out of the frame.

Holistics by Charlotte:

Charlotte was my first yoga teacher, without her classes I might not have found yoga! Charlotte is known for her amazing playlists in class (90’s vs. 00’s anyone?). Most importantly she taught me that it’s OK to laugh and dance during a yoga class, in fact, it’s better if you do!

Becky Varey (Yoga Society by Becky)

Becky is the lead trainer on my Yoga Teacher Training and she’s amazing! Training and practicing with her is so much fun. Becky is also a Kirtan leader and total Disney-nerd so check out her Instagram for fun things!

Harriet McAtee

Harriet is the lead trainer at Yoga Quota where I’m completing my Yoga Teacher Training. I love practicing with Harriet when she teachers our sessions. Follow them on Instagram for plants and chants!

Dana is in a Pigeon pose, supported by yoga blocks and a chair, gaze upwards and with a calm expression.

Dana Falsetti (Practice with Dana):

I’ve been following Dana online for a few years now and I’ve been able to go to their UK workshops. Their lessons on the Yamas along with Yoga and Social Justice have changed my personal practice and inspired me to include these important lessons in my own teachings.

Jessamyn is outside on the road, in a standing / forward folding / twisted posture, smiling in the direction of the camera.

Jessamyn Stanley (The Underbelly Yoga)

I’ve followed Jessamyn’s Instagram account for a while now and absolutely love the amazing book: Every Body Yoga. I cannot recommend the book enough as an introduction to yoga – the philosophy and options to make yoga work for you.

Amber is sat on a chair, with one leg extended and raised, the other on a yoga block. Both arms are extended in front.

Amber Karnes

It was through discovering Amber’s Instagram account that I first came across Accessible Yoga (who I’ll be training with in London, November 2019). I always enjoy the vibe and energy Amber portrays, and also, hair goals!

Dianne is sat in a Cow face pose and smiling at the camera.

Dianne Bondy

Dianne’s is another Instagram account I’ve been following for a few years now, promoting Yoga for All and inclusivity in yoga spaces. I also recommend the amazing book Yoga for Everyone!

Susanna Barkataki

Susanna hosted the Honor {Don’t Appropriate} Yoga Yoga Summit in 2019 and I was able to attend their UK workshop at Yoga Quota. I follow Susanna for their work on decolonising yoga, I’m constantly learning.

Jivana Heyman

Founder of Accessible Yoga (Conferences, Ambassadors, & Training). I’m so excited for the new book, Accessible Yoga, and that I’ll get to meet them in November!

Lily (Too Lilish)

Lily is on my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training but she is also a Pilates & Art teacher. Lily has such an amazing energy, she makes everyone around her smile. She combines yoga, pilates and art – check out her Instagram page for more.

A greyscale image of Donna, in Boat pose whilst balancing on a yoga wheel.

Donna Noble

Founder of Curvesome Yoga and a UK based yoga teacher, blogger, public speaker and many other things! I was lucky to meet Donna at one of Dana Falsetti’s workshops in London, I was very awkwardly saying how I recognised them from Instagram!

Theodora Wildcroft (Wild Yoga)

I met Theo properly at their workshop ‘Honouring our sources’. It’s hard to sum up what Theo does so I’ll leave it as Yoga & Thought. Click through to the website to read about Theo’s classes & doctoral research or follow them on Instagram.

Yoga with Amy

I met Amy at one of Dana Falsetti’s workshops and I’ve been following her ever since. Amy’s posts are always thought provoking and her smile makes me smile!

Jacquie Sunny Barbee (SunnyBee Yoga)

I think I discovered Jacquie’s Instagram account through Accessible Yoga – I love their content and I learn so much about making yoga accessible from them.

Deacon Conroy

Deacon’s Instagram account is the place to go for restorative yoga with props – so many bolsters and blankets which makes me very happy!

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