Journaling & taking notes

An open notebook on a table and a person sits pen in hand, ready to write.

With the eight limbs, there is a lot of information to take in, especially as there are so many interpretations of them. As I read through various versions I always need a notebook handy to scribble notes, and (sorry for those who hate this) but underline and highlight passages in the book too. Do you … Continue reading Journaling & taking notes

Do you journal?

A photograph of an individual sitting comfortably on a sofa, with a pen and journal in their lap.

As I'm preparing for my Yoga Teacher Training, one of the things which has been really helpful is journaling. This is actually something I've done for years, but I never understood until recently how useful it is. Journaling isn't necessarily sitting down every evening and writing 'Dear Diary…' - instead it can be used when … Continue reading Do you journal?