Mat-Based Full Sequence: Hamstrings 1

Sarah is lying on her back, one leg is extended in the air, with a strap around her foot.

I've just released a new practice sequence to my Patreon page. This practice is a 37-minute mat-based vinyasa class which focuses on the hamstrings. Now, for some of us, our hamstrings can be very tight - whether that's from exercise or long periods of sitting. Exercises that put substantial strain on the hamstrings can lead to … Continue reading Mat-Based Full Sequence: Hamstrings 1

Friday is the perfect day for Bed Yoga!

Sarah holds a reclined pigeon posture

Friday is the perfect day for some Bed Yoga - that's right, bed yoga! If you've never tried it before I cannot recommend it enough. I've got a 23 minute bed yoga practice on my Patreon page which includes a lovely reclined pigeon posture. I really hope you enjoy the practice - let me … Continue reading Friday is the perfect day for Bed Yoga!