Hi, I’m Sarah, my pronouns are she/her! I want to improve people’s lives by sharing the benefits of yoga – whether that’s by allowing rest, reducing stress or through movement. I offer accessible yoga classes, including vinyasa yoga, chair yoga, bed yoga, and restorative yoga – to enable anyone to practice yoga.

My style of teaching is centred around giving you choice and autonomy in your practice. I’ll guide you through a sequence but give you a variety of options so you can find what feels right for your body.

A lot of people think that yoga is what you see on social media: flexibility, handstands on beaches and contorting yourself into pretzel shapes, but it’s not! It’s about finding stillness in your mind and connecting with your body and breath. In an age where everything feels like it’s go-go-go, I genuinely believe that everyone deserves to find some rest and stillness.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in practicing with me, or learning more, please use the links below to access further information!

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