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A greyscale 'head and shoulders' photo of Sarah, she is looking at the camera and smiling

Hi, my name’s Sarah!

I created this space in March 2019 as a way to share my journey through the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training I started in April 2019. My goal is to teach yoga which is accessible for everyone – regardless of ability, age, gender, or background.



I’m excited to be completing my training with Yoga Quota in Oxford, who are committed to ‘spreading the benefits of yoga to those who need it most’. Later this year, I’ll also be attending Accessible Yoga training with Jivana Heyman in London – an amazing opportunity to learn from the founder of Accessible Yoga.



By ‘Yoga’, I’m also referring to more than just the poses (Asana). As I learnt in a workshop with Dana Falsetti, Patanjali’s definition of yoga is “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha” – to lessen the disturbances of the mind. Learning about the philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga and the importance of the Yamas & Niyamas has changed my practice.



This is why, as part of my future teaching, I want to make sure I include this for my own students. I want to create a space for us to explore these teachings and apply them to our own lives. Classes and workshops will be gender neutral, suitable for people who are neurodiverse, accessible for all physical abilities and free of diet culture and fat shaming.



As well as yoga, I also love being outdoors – it’s good for my mental health. If I’m not running or walking through a forest somewhere, you might find me having fun at OCR events or on a new adventure like caving. The rest of my time usually involves Netflix, food and blankets – I love to nest!



So that’s me! Thank you again for being here, please check out my blog and social media pages to find out more.

Lastly, here’s a photo of me and my SO – more to prove that I can take photos without being covered in mud! (I also feel like it’s very important to mention that this is faux fur!)


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