I took part in Sarah’s “chair yoga” they did with with the LGBT+ society at my university via Zoom, having never attended a yoga class before. They were so friendly and had a way of making me feel as though we were really in the room with them. She ensured that everyone took things at their own pace, and only pushed themselves to where it felt comfortable. I had so much fun, and would really love to come to more classes when my schedule allows it!


Sarah creates a wonderfully nourishing, accepting place to practice. I’ve so appreciated the time spent in her classes.


Today Sarah visited our independent living retirement session to provide a seated yoga taster session and it was a huge success. All attendees had a wonderful time, Sarah made everyone feel able and accepted and explained what we were doing and why without effecting the flow of the session.
Everyone was left feeling relaxed, serene and invigorated. The next 3 sessions are booked.


The session with Sarah was fantastic and was a great energizer for our Board which formed part of our away day. Thanks for such a great session that was fun and inclusive.


I have practiced with Sarah a few times in her face to face restorative yoga classes and after doing yoga for some years found her calm style and attention to what feels right for each person so refreshing. Her calm manner and relaxing practice was an instant love but a young family has meant I’ve not been able to attend regularly. After recent foot surgery and currently non weight bearing in a boot I joined Sarah’s Patreon space. I’ve done 2 of her chair based yoga classes so far and love them. I feel so much better after weeks of inactivity. Her gentle practice has truly lifted my spirits. I look forward to trying further mat based practices as I become more mobile.


Thank you Sarah, I love doing yoga with you. It helps me relax my body.


Sarah uses her skills as an accessible yoga teacher to give significant benefit to my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Sarah is well prepared for their one on one practices (including meditation), showing patience and calm. My daughter very much enjoys her sessions with Sarah.


Sarah is an extremely friendly and welcoming teacher who immediately put me at ease. She provides alternatives for all stances to suit all needs and abilities and has a lovely, calming delivery throughout. Would highly recommend her classes!


I’m loving being able to get yoga practice that works for me, and Sarah’s chair yoga is just perfect! I struggle with arthritis in my knees and can’t get up and down to the mat with any flow anymore. Sarah is so lovely, she considers what you can do no matter what your ability. I did wonder if I’d feel like I had actually ‘worked out’ and the great news was that because I wasn’t worried about how to get up off the floor or back down to it, I could concentrate on the poses properly and feel more of the benefit for it. Thanks so much Sarah 😊


I love Sarah’s classes and always come away feeling really balanced and calm. She’s super inclusive and there’s no pressure to anything – everything she suggests is an invitation rather than a command. She will always offer adjustments for different abilities and is happy to say when she herself can’t do something which makes you feel more relaxed about trying new poses. Her classes are a joy.


Sarah’s yoga is super inclusive and accessible for all abilities. She has a lovely way with people and although work sometimes hinders my practice being regular she’s my go to when I do.


I love yoga, it has so many benefits for my body and mind. I fell off the mat as my weight increased and felt unconfident returning. I attended Sarah’s class which was completely inclusive, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable. The class was bliss and I knew that I wanted to attend further classes run by Sarah. With lockdown easing I was unable to attend any of the sessions available and was so pleased to find the Patreon option which has enabled me to practice at a time that suits me while benefiting from Sarah’s guidance and experience her passion and calm nature. Thank you.


I’ve never tried a led yoga class before, but I can safely say that after trying it for the first time with Sarah its definitely something I look forward to doing more of! The class is very well led with various styles for those with more limited mobility which is the type of inclusion we need more of in the world. Even thought the session was online, I was given a warm welcome and smiling faces which make me feel a lot more at ease and comfortable.


Sarah is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her voice is extremely calming and her disposition is sunny and encouraging. I’m so pleased we have started sessions together in the late stages of my pregnancy to help me strengthen and mobilise before my second baby arrives. I leave every session feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Sarah is extremely professional, adaptable and welcoming to all who attend her chair based yoga sessions in our care home. Both residents and colleagues find immense comfort, benefit and calm in her sessions. Her approach to individuals is exceptional. She is person centred, has a unique understanding of each individual need and requirement and adapts as such. She has a wonderful aura and energy and really benefits all who attend. Residents in our care home attend purely because they know it is Sarah.


We booked Sarah for one of our conferences to help ease delegates into the day. Sarah was really great to communicate with and professional throughout the process, and delegates loved the calming and welcoming vibe they created in our online space. We’d definitely book them again.

NUS (National Union of Students)

Sarah’s Friday night yoga class has been a delight, a lovely chilled way to start the weekend.

(Feedback about Friday Night Chill)


My 2nd ever yoga experience was made all the better by attending this accessible and lgbt friendly class. Sarah made me feel very included (hard to do over zoom) and I felt completely at ease. Thanks again and looking forward to more sessions.


Just practiced the vinyasa & restorative fusion (butterfly) class, really enjoyed the mix of mat work followed by a selection of restorative postures, feel really good now, like I’ve had a work out but relaxed as well – best of both worlds.

Anonymous Patron

…I mostly just practice the classes – mat based & bed – video & audio on these are really good – get a good calming vibe.

Anonymous Patron

I like the way you can choose what type of class you can do – be it a short 15 mins or 20 mins bed yoga or a full 60 min work out – something to suit all moods on any given day.

Anonymous Patron

My back feels like it has Skittles in it so I’m going to do one of Sarah’s online classes this morning to try and loosen up a little. Sarah’s Patreon has video classes which you can refer to any time and she’s the freakin best, man. I cannot recommend her enough

Tweet from a Patron

I must admit I didn’t think I would take to yoga on line, i have tried it before but couldn’t find any classes i enjoyed, but Sarah has such a calming way about her & her instructions are clear & concise, easy to follow, I now can follow & enjoy yoga on line – just need to be a bit more motivated to do more often.

Anonymous Patron

Very good sessions, varied and accessible for all. Relaxing teacher with a lovely voice and very encouraging. Cant recommend her enough.

Anonymous Patron

I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever chair yoga class with Sarah. She was warm friendly and knew her stuff! She was down to earth and made the atmosphere so welcoming. I learnt alot in 45 minutes, how to stretch and place yourself whilst sat down. Also loved the music she played…I’ll be back!


I really struggle to switch my brain off and relax and it takes me forever to get to sleep…. until last night! Last night I did this practice and was asleep within minutes afterwards! Thank you so much for sharing this online so I can improve my sleep pattern! (Comment left about a Bed Yoga practice on Patreon)


Amazing yoga for all levels! Sarah ran some yoga sessions where I work and I absolutely loved it. It was a class that targeted parts of our bodies that suffer because we work at a desk all day. The whole group felt relaxed and ready for our afternoons once we had taken part in our yoga session with Sarah. 100% would recommend, I’ll be booking places in Sarah’s other classes, and I hope she comes back to do some more sessions at work!!! 🙌🏻🥳👏🏻


Sarah is an absolutely wonderful yoga teacher, and always creates a very relaxed, friendly and approachable atmosphere in her classes. I’m a beginner at Yoga, and felt very welcome and absolutely loved the classes I have attended so far. I can’t recommend Sarah enough!


Had my first session on Friday evening, a restorative session. Sarah created a wonderful environment to separate the work week from the weekend, using yoga and guided meditation. The class set me up with a relaxed and positive mindset for my time off. Cannot recommend enough.


Had a wonderful class with Sarah who created a non judgmental and safe environment to try to pick up yoga again. I haven’t had a class in a long time but this was the first one I’ve been to where there are props and blankets at the ready! Thank you Sarah for a lovely class, I’m looking forward to booking more!


Just had my first class with Sarah and am taking up yoga classes again after a break of several years. Sarah made me feel really welcome and you wouldn’t have known she was a newly qualified teacher as the class flowed really well with a nice sequence that was both gentle but also a good workout. Already looking forward to the next class.